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Rigo Mormons Travel to Latter-day Saint Tonga Temple

After months of preparation, the exciting day arrived for 33 members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from Rigo to travel to Tonga to attend the Nuku'alofa Temple for the first time.

Latter-day Saint congregation from Rigo, Papua New Guinea

Members of the Church believe that families can be together forever. The concept of a united family that lives and progresses forever is at the core of Latter-day Saint doctrine.  

Latter-day Saint temples are considered houses of God, a place of holiness and peace. They are also where the highest sacraments of the faith occur. The members attend the temple to receive spiritual blessings themselves, as well as for their deceased ancestors. Family History is an important element to temple worship.

One couple, Kilage and Miriam Anitali, participated in a sacrament Latter-day Saints call "sealing." They also did temple work for almost 150 of their deceased ancestors.

Once their own ordinance is performed, members believe it is their obligation to perform these ordinances by proxy for their ancestors thus creating multi-generational family ties that Mormons believe will continue beyond the grave.

Watch a short video about Latter-day Saints and temples:


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