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Missionary Couple Now Serving in Kiunga PNG

Elder Viliami and Sister SelaTu’akoi, missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have arrived in Kiunga to help build leadership skills among the congregation.

The Tu’akoi’s have been serving in the Self-reliance and Education programs of the Church in the Port Moresby, Gerehu, and Kuriva areas since January 2015. The Self-reliance program of the Mormon Church helps people take the next step in improving their lives.  Those who want to gain more education or find a new job or start a home business can find other people taking those same steps to meet with to encourage one another.

Elder and Sister Tu’akoi received the assignment to serve in Kiunga with excitement. SisterTu’akoi said, “Oh, I feel great. It’s a blessing to be serving in Kiunga. We will miss everybody in Port Moresby, [but] we both know for sure that . . . this is the Lord’s work. We help Him build His kingdom.”Originally from Tonga, Elder and Sister Tu’akoi moved to Payson, Utah, in the United States. There they have raised twelve children who have blessed them with thirteen grandchildren. While the Tu’akoi’s have been serving the people of Papua New Guinea with passion and the love of the Saviour Jesus Christ, four of their grandchildren have been born.

The call to serve in Kiunga was assigned to them by President Voi R. Taeoalii, President of thePNG Mission, after receiving approval from Elder Haleck of the Area Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

When, the Tu’akoi’s first visited Kiunga and met some of the Church members, they helped to organise baptisms for six new members. However, their mission in Kiunga will be focussed mainly on strengthening members of the Church there and building leadership skills among the congregations. They will serve there until the end of their mission in October 2016.  

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