News Release

Gerehu District Members Attend Self-Reliance Seminar


Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Gerehu District (diocese) recently participated in a Self-Reliance seminar called “My Path to Self-Reliance” to help them identify how they can apply Church principles to become more self-reliant in their lives.

The training was provided by the Self-Reliance Committee of the Gerehu District, and was held at the Gerehu chapel in Port Moresby in September this year.

The “My Path to Self-Reliance” program is designed to help Church members and friends identify their own self-reliance goals in both physical and spiritual areas of their lives. Participants are taken through steps to assess how much they earn, what their monthly expenses are for themselves and their households, and to establish a household budget for them and their families.

Facilitators use videos and scripture passages to help participants learn and find their own paths to self-reliance.

Participants decide whether their own path to self-reliance indicates that they should find a job, get further education or perhaps grow a small business. After they complete the process the participants then find and join one of the following groups:  Education for Better Work; Growing My Small Business; or Job Search. In these groups, they join with other participants with similar desires and learn with their group members over a 12-week period to help all participants become better in their chosen area of study.

This seminar led to a new “Education For Better Work” group being organized and started in the Gerehu District. Other similar groups are being facilitated throughout the district. Mrs. Barbara Liri, a facilitator for the group, indicated, “I was very pleased with the outcome of the seminar.  We have started another new ‘Education for Better Work’ group, and members are now seeing the importance of attending and participating in the My Path to Self-Reliance Program.” 

The District Self-Reliance Committee plans to facilitate more seminars so that members can assess themselves and their own lives, and find a group in which they can learn to be self-reliant and better provide for their families.

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